How To Worship God According To Vedas

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First and foremost, god as described in the vedas is not some super human being with super human powers, who creates the universe, life forms, and then punishes or rewards people based on his own laws sending. Central to hindu worship is the image, or icon, which can be worshipped either at.

Vedas says God is Kabir Rig Veda Mandal 9, Sukt 96

Hindus, according to vedas you should worship only one god, then why you are not following the vedas?

How to worship god according to vedas. God pervades all beings and all directions. Since the vedas are necessary to continue and preserve the order and regularity of the worlds, in the beginning of creation, he reveals them to gods and humans for the welfare of the worlds. (2)if you can get get success without tapasya then i would like to come to your home and will see how much success you can get without work.

Note that the prayer (or worship) to god can be either internal (as the immanent) or external (in the symbolic form). Idol worshiping is not prohibited in vedas, but considered as least kind of worshiping.preference is given to manasika pooja which means a person who wish to worship any god, need to assume god's image in his mind and concentrate on that god and worship in his mind manasika.this method is possible to only those who have a lot of meditation practice, and those people are mostly be saints or rushi. The hymns in it are dedicated to various deities still worshipped today in various parts of asia.

Atman is the support of all that exists in this universe. Hindu worship, or puja, involves images (murtis), prayers (mantras) and diagrams of the universe (yantras). The four holy vedas is the constitution of god.

Vedas mention supreme god as brahman (not to be confused with brahma of trinity). Who would worship of one god make any difference to? God cannot be seen directly by anyone.

The correct way of worship of the supreme god can be given by a tatvadarshi saint only. Rig veda when translated means, “the knowledge of the verses”, it comprises of 1028 hymns and 10,600 verses in total.rig veda is oldest amongst four vedas and it was handed over orally from 1500 b.c. In the vedas it is written that you cannot make any form for the god, you should not pray worldly things and you should not pray manufactured things.

According to hindu beliefs, the vedas suggest a ritual model used by god to create the worlds and beings. So in all vedas, worship of god is defined that when we obey the teach of god in vedas, then it is the real worship i.e., services of god. Refer the website to know what really the hindu.

But it was written only in 300 b.c. And what happens if you worship non~vedic gods. A wrong concept of all people dont have equal status before god is also one cause for idols.

On the other hand, internal meditations of god are equally acceptable. You cannot have two supreme people. On the raksha bandhan day, devotees offer coconuts to him.

Vedas mostly describe nirakar nirguna brahman which is formless, omnipresent, eternal consciousness. In vedas there is full information about the supreme god, but what is the right way of worship to achieve the supreme god, or how can we attain complete salvation has not been mentioned in holy vedas. An introduction the following are some references from hindu scriptures.

The god with form (limited consciousness of mind) is unified with formless god (unlimited consciousness of brahman). God is formless, timeless, and spaceless existence. Vedas and various scriptures of other religions talk about the external mode of worship / prayer, which incidentally is quite valid.

Thus according to the vedas god neither has any image nor god resides in any particular idol or statue. The vedas confirms god is atman (spirit), the innermost self. If we take god to mean the supreme personality of godhead, then logically there can only be one.

However the supreme personality can appear in unlimited ways, each different but still simultaneously the same. Others as idol worshippers for their own selfish motives. This has led to a belief that the less previleged has to reach the god only thru a mediator.

A legend associated with the festival of rakhi is that of the worship offered to the sea god, lord varuna. Scriptures say about god and worship. The following are only few references, you may find many more once you go through it.

Hindus worship lord varuna in different forms and methods. He is said to be closely linked with god mitra and yama. ~ the atman (soul or spirit) is the cause;

Geeta shlok 8/10, beautifully describes about yogi, who is completely immersed in faith and services of god (in hindi it is called bhakti) and does holy name jaap with steadfast mind. This article is the second part of my earlier article on the vedic concept of god, where in i have tried to further simplify things based on reader comments and queries. It is a concept of little or no value.

As evident from the aforementioned rigveda mantra, those souls who worship supreme god can attain satlok. (1)vedas say that there is only one a vedic follower does not worship gods but only one god.and by logic if you will see,then you will find only one god and two or three or any number.

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